Painting Conservation and Restoration Studio

Hammer Conservation specializes in the care and treatment of individual or entire collections of 19th century to contemporary paintings including oversized works and painted objects.

Hammer Conservation conserves and restores paintings on canvas and other surfaces, in a well equipped, secure studio space with excellent access to accommodate paintings of all size with ease. We also offer on-site treatment for objects that are unable to be delivered to the studio. Paintings are delicate objects that require special care to assure their long-term preservation. We provide the same level of care for conservation treatment of family treasures as works by major artists. All conservation procedures follow current standards of practice and are reversible where possible, consistent with the AIC code of ethics and guidelines for practice.

Joseph Hammer, Painting Conservator
Professional Associate Member of The American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC)

Make an appointment to schedule an examination or simply to visit the studio and view examples of ast treatments.

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